Innate repair receptor (IRR) activation is the basis for a library of novel peptides targeting chronic and acute diseases


Across a broad array of disease models, Araim’s active research programs explore effects of molecules that trigger innate repair mechanisms in the setting of inflammatory tissue injury


The lead indications for our first-in-class compound, ARA 290, are neuropathy (sarcoid, diabetes) and other diabetes complications

araim pharmaceuticals Inc.  is a clinical stage drug development company with a novel platform technology designed to address devastating injuries and chronic diseases underserved by current therapies. With our discovery of the Innate Repair Receptor (IRR), Araim has identified the target for activating tissue repair and recovery from inflammatory and other injuries. Our lead compound, ARA 290, a novel 11 amino acid peptide, stimulates tissue protective, reparative and anti-inflammatory signaling pathways through

selective IRR activation. Araim has an ongoing, active and promising preclinical program in a wide array of conditions involving tissue injury and repair, including neuropathy, cardiovascular injury, diabetes complications, wound healing and aging. ARA 290 has received US and EU orphan drug and US Fast Track designations for the treatment of painful small fiber neuropathy in sarcoidosis, and is currently in Phase 2 peripheral neuropathy clinical trials.